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| June 27, 2022

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European elections: a turning point for European democracy?

February 26, 2014 |

For the eighth time since the introduction of direct elections to the European Parliament (EP) in 1979, the citizens of Europe, who for the most part view themselves as citizens of the Member States of the European Union (EU), will … Read More

The First World War

February 26, 2014 |

To many it feels like distant history. The jumpy black and white films, the unfamiliar clothes and the horses pulling wagons, all look like something from a world long forgotten. Yet the last soldiers who fought in the war have … Read More

Young Entrepreneur

May 8, 2012 |

1. What is your definition of success and has your company achieved it? I would say success is everything you achieve from the moment you start your business till the end of all activities, so the constant evolution of your … Read More

Why we need to change the rules of banking

May 8, 2012 |

In a nutshell

You may not know this but when you deposit your money with a bank, the bank actually becomes the legal owner of your money. Once the bank becomes the legal owner of your money, they can spend … Read More